Treasured wine culture

Experience the taste of a unique, authentic, variety-typical and characterful wine region. Our first-class white and elegant red wines can fully evolve in our vineyard, which holds approximately 5.5 hectare and is situated in the best locations around the area of Spitz.

The grape harvest including various rounds, the voluntary quantity limit, the consistent thinning process and the careful and gentle treatment of the grapes – the whole processing chain is characterised by accuracy and precision.
This way, we can guarantee a result that fits our understanding of quality for one hundred percent.

Moreover, as a member of Vinea Wachau Nobilis Districtus we committed to meet the organisation´s strict quality criteria as well. The codex Wachau and the brands Steinfeder®, Federspiel® and Smaragd® represent a natural wine production and our uncompromising commitment towards quality, origin and pureness.

Our layers

The stylistic of individual wine types is strongly characterised by the various layers of soil on which our wines are flourished and growing.

The Grüner Veltliner evolves excellently gossamer-fine at the Willendorfer Lössterrassen.
Classically, aromatic and peppery is the scent of the variety representatives in Spitz, where the elegant and mineral Riesling is offered the same conditions. Even the Sauvignon blanc, which we are dedicated to for quite some time, demonstrates its multifaceted nature through multilayered aromas, fine cassis-gooseberry scents and full-bodied taste.

In order to meet the demand for red wines, a site with old Zweigelt-stock, located in a sun-spoiled valley incision, was leased and renovated painstakingly. Ever since, red wine lovers benefit from first-class Cuvées, Rosé and Sparkling-Schaumweinen.